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2011 Senate Bill 95: Repeal “prevailing wage” law
  1. Introduced by Sen. Arlan Meekhof (R) on February 1, 2011, to repeal the state “prevailing wage” law, which prohibits awarding government contracts to contractors who submit the lowest bid unless the contractor pays "prevailing wages," which are based on union pay scales in a particular part of a geographic region. These wage rates may be above the market rate in other parts of the region.
    • Referred to the Senate Economic Development Committee on February 1, 2011.


Re: 2011 Senate Bill 95 (Repeal “prevailing wage” law )  by gypsy on February 10, 2011 

This is another attack on the working people of this state by the politicians controlled by and obligated to big business.

Re: 2011 Senate Bill 95 (Repeal “prevailing wage” law )  by changeagent on February 10, 2011 

It's about time this sort of special interest serving trash is thrown out.  Prevailing wage laws benefit unions at the expense of taxpayers.

Re: 2011 Senate Bill 95 (Repeal “prevailing wage” law )  by shearwater on February 9, 2011 

This is how to kill yaxpayers in a state by not letting out bids to the best contractor but requiring union wages for workers when free market competition would get the citizens a better price for services.  This shoukd have been killed in 1965 when enacted.

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