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2011 Senate Bill 517: Cut cigarette tax
  1. Introduced by Sen. Joe Hune (R) on June 22, 2011, to reduce the state cigarette tax from $2 per pack to $1.00 per pack, and cut other tobacco taxes proportionately. Before a 75-cent increase in 2004 smokers paid $1.25 per pack, and before a 50-cent increase in 2002 the tax was 75 cents per pack. The current tax is tied for 11th highest in the nation. If the bill became law this would fall to 30th place. Sens. Jansen and Brandenberg are cosponsors.
    • Referred to the Senate Finance Committee on June 22, 2011.


Re: 2011 Senate Bill 517 (Cut cigarette tax)  by ScotWetherington on November 24, 2011 

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Re: 2011 Senate Bill 517 (Cut cigarette tax)  by EndtheFED&IMF on September 17, 2011 

Excuse the typos Spelld enviroment wrong twice, I guess I somtimes I type sounds instead of letters.

Re: 2011 Senate Bill 517 (Cut cigarette tax)  by EndtheFED&IMF on September 17, 2011 

Due to the high taxes here IL gets my tax money. $50 a carton vs $80 a carton. Raising taxes usually reduces tax revenew. It creates income for boardering states. As to the damage to the inviroment you car=hundreds of thousands of smokers. So it will not help the enviroment at all. The only damage to the inviroment I can think of would be the cig butts. I have yet to see a butt cleaning crew, so ther is no cost that isn't covered by trash cleaning. You should check your facts, they make no sense.

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