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2011 Senate Bill 875: Authorize new local taxing districts
  1. Introduced by Sen. Tupac Hunter (D) on December 8, 2011, to authorize another means by which local government officials can impose higher property taxes in a certain area and use the revenue to pay off new debt they incur for spending on projects chosen by a board of political appointees. This scheme would be called “neighborhood improvement districts.” It could be triggered by one property owner getting 30 percent of the property owners in the designated district to go along by signing a petition. No vote of the people would be required for this entity to impose the higher property tax.
    • Referred to the Senate Economic Development Committee on December 8, 2011.


Re: 2011 Senate Bill 875 (Authorize new local taxing districts )  by TaterSalad on January 9, 2012 

 I can ONLY support a bill that increases taxes if Michigan could and would -----herd all the liberal loons into one big district they can call "theirs and theirs only".  Give them the power to tax the hell out of each other and watch the fires start to burn.  I'm putting money on this one that they will blame someone other than ethemseleves or even George Bush.

Re: 2011 Senate Bill 875 (Authorize new local taxing districts )  by Mike Hignite on January 9, 2012 

 Brilliant.  Increased property taxes should really help turn the state around.  I'm sure that this will be very popular.

Actually, this could be great.  I file for a local taxing district which consists of my parcel only. I vote to add taxes to my property for the purpose of fixing my eye-sore driveway.  All in favor? Aye.  $1,500 tax to pay for my driveway.  Then I get to deduct it as property taxes on my federal return, and maybe get a credit on my MI income tax.

Is that what you had in mind? 

2011 Senate Bill 875 (Authorize new local taxing districts )  by admin on January 9, 2012 
Introduced in the Senate on December 8, 2011

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