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2012 Senate Bill 1015: Give tuition subsidies to all high school grads
  1. Introduced by Sen. Rebekah Warren (D) on March 13, 2012, to give all Michigan high school graduates up to five years of grants covering tuition in a state college or university. Funding would come from repealing $1.8 billion worth of current state tax deductions, exemptions and credits.

    This list of so-called “tax expenditures” from which this money would come includes both corporate welfare subsidies and tax breaks, and potential expansions of various taxes paid by individuals (larger items include repeal of the 18 mill principle residence property tax exemption, the income tax personal exemption, and the sales tax on food exemption; the list also includes many smaller and more obscure items).

    • Referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee on March 13, 2012.
      • Reported in the Senate on April 17, 2012, with the recommendation that the bill be referred to the Committee on Finance.
    • Referred to the Senate Finance Committee on April 17, 2012.


Re: 2012 Senate Bill 1015 (Give tuition subsidies to all high school grads)  by roggan on July 30, 2012 
I don't think that these money for every high-school graduates is going to do any justice with our money. My daughter is preparing for an university degree at a local high-school and she struggle so hard with our poor finances. Wouldn't it be more fair to offer a variety of options for all this kind of deserving kids?

Re: 2012 Senate Bill 1015 (Give tuition subsidies to all high school grads)  by rleer on July 27, 2012 
Just where do you think that we will ever continue to come up with more and more dollars to hand out to you idiots for your crackpot ideas? How or why do you think that these kids who are still going to high school need to be paid to continue on with their education, especially for our future, even for our next 2013 calendar year? I believe that when my kids were going to school they got their ambition and drive from their parents, not from a bribe from the government. I now live on a fixed income, I don't have the ability to go out to the back yard and pick dollars off of the money tree.

Re: 2012 Senate Bill 1015 (Give tuition subsidies to all high school grads)  by ALwaysVote on March 21, 2012 
Really?! Another liberal attempting to get re-elected by appealing to the masses that really expect something for nothing. If this bill passes, I will sell my principle residence and move out of this state. I'm retired and loss of this tax break, will seriously eat into my fixed income. While I feel for those poor, bright, high school kids that can't afford to go to college, I am also very proud of my children that are working two or more part time jobs to pay for their college education. Let's fix our broken economy and create jobs, not create more government handouts!

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