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2012 House Bill 5778: Raise business income tax rate
  1. Introduced by Rep. John Olumba (D) on July 18, 2012, to increase the state business income tax rate from 6 percent to 15 percent. Manufacturers and firms “primarily engaged in the business of research” would have a rate of 6 percent if they add at least five new jobs during the preceding year.
    • Referred to the House Tax Policy Committee on July 18, 2012.


Re: 2012 House Bill 5778 (Raise business income tax rate )  by TaterSalad on August 10, 2012 
Typical Democratic Party bill............to place another tax burden on business's within the state. Sad! The President's agenda all over again but at the state level. When will democrats learn that taxing the "job makers" is a minus for the job creation machine. Pathetic!

2012 House Bill 5778 (Raise business income tax rate )  by admin on August 10, 2012 
Introduced in the House on July 18, 2012

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