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2012 Senate Bill 1358: Codify “education achievement authority” for failed schools
  1. Introduced by Sen. Phil Pavlov (R) on November 8, 2012, to codify in statute the powers and structure of a state “education achievement authority” (already created by means of an administrative “interlocal agreement”), which is an office in the Department of Education tasked with managing, overseeing or contracting-out the operations of public schools deemed to have failed academically.
    • Referred to the Senate Education Committee on November 8, 2012.


Re: 2012 Senate Bill 1358 (Codify “education achievement authority” for failed schools)  by Board of Education on November 20, 2012 

In the last three years, new teacher evaluation have passed, achievement gaps are being identified.   Let all the new mandates take the time to show if they can work or not.

Please stop this attack on public education.   It is a proven fact that the market model for business does not work for public education.   If we could "fire" our special needs, autistic, kids challenged by their environment, then yes, we could have unbelievable academic achievement.  But that is not the case in public education.

2012 Senate Bill 1358 (Codify “education achievement authority” for failed schools)  by admin on November 20, 2012 
Introduced in the Senate on November 8, 2012

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