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2013 Senate Bill 63: Assert immunity of "Michigan-made" firearms from federal gun bans
  1. Introduced by Sen. Phil Pavlov (R) on January 16, 2013, to establish that firearms which are completely made in Michigan may be possessed and sold in this state, notwithstanding any potential federal gun bans claiming authority based on the U.S. constitution’s interstate commerce clause.
    • Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 16, 2013.
      • Reported in the Senate on January 24, 2013, with the recommendation that the bill pass..


Re: 2013 Senate Bill 63 (Assert immunity of "Michigan-made" firearms from federal gun bans)  by pandawill567 on March 7, 2013 
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Re: 2013 Senate Bill 63 (Assert immunity of "Michigan-made" firearms from federal gun bans)  by harrynevus on February 20, 2013 

 In theory, assert immunity from federal law by the state of Michigan is utter lunacy.  To legislate such immunity is sheer stupidity, especially at a time when the White House is held by the Democratic party, which sets the agenda for the U.S. Justice Department.  I mention that because not only is Michigan's governor and legislative body is republican controlled,  but controlled by politicians that are openly hostile and antagonistic toward the President and his policies.  So, when the federal government lowers the boom on Michigan, those spineless repuiblicans will have dug "our" graves and put the noose around "our" necks, then step aside and make their pathetic cry about this being Obama's fault (like everything else).

I know, I know, I hear what you're saying.  Republicans aren't the problem, they only create problems.  They're the devil's advocate to the point of being obstructionist.  And I suppose it's true that in a functioning two-party system, one of the parties has to be the stupid party, but they don't have to drag us all down to their level.  Have a little pride.  You can see what's going on and you don't have to fall in step with it.

I know the questions you asked are only rhetorical so I needn't respond.  But you bring up Chi-town, NYC, and China, which makes a pretty odd trifecta!  Chicago should be anti-gun!  In the last 60 days, there have been 62 deaths from firearms in that city, the most of any city in the US by far.  That's 3% of all firearm deaths in the entire nation during the same time (2,000 deaths), when the population of chicago is only 0.9% of the total US population.  New York a pretty good handle on it with just 16 deaths in the same period, and just for comparison, Detroit had 17.  I know I'm not telling you anything because obviously you've put a lot of time and research into this so you know that several, and I mean several US cities have way more firearm deaths than NYC and Det.   I just don't think more guns, military type weapons, higher calipers, and faster rates of fire are the answer and you might think differently about this if you lived in Chicago or one of those other cities and it was you or your family in the gun violence statistics.  

Re: 2013 Senate Bill 63 (Assert immunity of "Michigan-made" firearms from federal gun bans)  by doubtingthomas on February 20, 2013 

Harrynevus.....leave legislation and serious matters such as this to adults.  You are clearly unhinged, or possibly retarded, but seriously, why do you hate the Constitution?  Why do you despise the Second Amendment?  Why do you wish to see all gun owners disarmed and then dragged through the streets?  If you hate America and it's people so much, there are plenty of "anti-gun" places to live, such as Chicago or New York, or China.

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