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2013 House Bill 4201: Ban using government, school resources for politicking & union activities
  1. Introduced by Rep. Tim Kelly (R) on February 6, 2013, to prohibit employees of the state, local governments, school districts or any government employer from using taxpayer resources, including email accounts, for political or union activities.
    • Referred to the House Oversight Committee on February 6, 2013.


Re: 2013 House Bill 4201 (Ban using government, school resources for politicking & union activities )  by harrynevus on February 16, 2013 

 Another unfortunate waste of time by the Michigan lawmakers.  Does this solve a problem?  Are there "employees" that spend their time at work "politicking" with government resources day after day?   We know there are elected office holders that steal millions of dollars of government resources "politicking" day after day, in their attempts to get re-elected, but employees?  No, this doesn't cover those elected thieves, but in reality, it's just another cheap shot at the unions that are employed by the state.

It's odd that the state is a large employer and it employs union members and has hundreds if not thousands of contracts with unions.  So, by definition, that employer and labor union relationship requires that the employer perform certain tasks as well as the union, yet these legislators won't allow the "employer" to hold up its end of their agreement.  I thought all of these issues were removed from partisan politicking and assigned to a separate agency, the intent being to minimize the micro-managemnent and utter idiocy imposed by a bunch of ignorant in-bred cretins that we call legislators. 

I guess Tim Kelly thinks we have enough good paying jobs with excellent benefit packages here in Michigan so he's got all kinds of time to spend on this sort of non-problem solving.  I wonder what he'll do if he decides to face a real problem.  Probably make unions illegal because every problem can be blamed on the unions anyway. 

2013 House Bill 4201 (Ban using government, school resources for politicking & union activities )  by admin on February 15, 2013 
Introduced in the House on February 6, 2013

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