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2013 Senate Bill 315: Revise marketing “assessments” imposed on potato growers
  1. Introduced by Sen. Judy Emmons (R) on April 16, 2013, to increase the maximum "assessment" that can be levied on growers under a government potato marketing scheme, with exceptions for smaller growers; revise the constituents represented on the board of political appointees authorized to determine the level of assessments; and authorize a potato grower referendum on assessment increases every five years.
    • Referred to the Senate Agriculture Committee on April 16, 2013.
      • Reported in the Senate on June 18, 2013, with the recommendation that the bill pass.
    • Amendment offered by Sen. Virgil Smith, Jr. (D) on September 17, 2013, to allow growers and potato shippers to opt-out of being required to pay into this marketing scheme. The amendment failed 12 to 24 in the Senate on September 17, 2013.
      Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"

  2. Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate on September 17, 2013.
    Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"

  3. Received in the House on September 17, 2013.
    • Referred to the House Agriculture Committee on September 17, 2013.


2013 Senate Bill 315 (Revise marketing “assessments” imposed on potato growers )  by admin on April 23, 2013 
Introduced in the Senate on April 16, 2013

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