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RightMi Scorecard 2017-2018

Created by JGillman

Conservative rankings as shown through votes in 2017 & 2018 session

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.


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100%Hune, Joe @R ---
100%Pavlov, Phil @R ---
67%Colbeck, Patrick @R ×---
67%Rocca, Tory @R ×---
67%Schuitmaker, Tonya @R ×---
33%Booher, Darwin @R ××---
33%Green, Michael @R ××---
33%Hansen, Goeff @R ××---
33%Hildenbrand, Dave @R ××---
33%Horn, Kenneth @R ××---
33%Jones, Rick @R ××---
33%Knollenberg, Marty @R ××---
33%Kowall, Mike @R ××---
33%MacGregor, Peter @R ××---
33%Marleau, Jim @R ××---
33%Meekhof, Arlan @R ××---
33%Nofs, Mike @R ××---
33%Proos, John @R ××---
33%Schmidt, Wayne @R ××---
33%Shirkey, Mike @R ××---
33%Stamas, Jim @R ××---
33%Zorn, Dale W. @R ××---
0%Ananich, Jim @D ×××---
0%Bieda, Steve @D ×××---
0%Brandenburg, Jack @R XX×---
0%Casperson, Tom @R ×××---
0%Conyers, Ian @D XX×---
0%Gregory, Vincent @D XX×---
0%Hertel, Curtis, Jr. @D ×××---
0%Hopgood, Hoon-Yung @D ×××---
0%Johnson, Bert @D ×××---
0%Knezek, David @D ×××---
0%O'Brien, Margaret @R ×××---
0%Robertson, David @R ×××---
0%Warren, Rebekah @D ×××---
0%Young, Coleman, II @D XX×---
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100%Runestad, Jim @R --
100%VanderWall, Curt @R --
75%Albert, Thomas @R ×--
75%Alexander, Julie @R ×--
75%Allor, Sue @R ×--
75%Barrett, Tom @R ×--
75%Bellino, Joseph, Jr. @R ×--
75%Bizon, John @R ×--
75%Brann, Tommy @R ×--
75%Canfield, Edward @R ×--
75%Chatfield, Lee @R ×--
75%Cole, Triston @R ×--
75%Cox, Laura @R ×--
75%Dianda, Scott @D ×--
75%Farrington, Diana @R ×--
75%Frederick, Ben @R ×--
75%Garcia, Daniela @R ×--
75%Glenn, Gary @R ×--
75%Graves, Joseph @R ×--
75%Griffin, Beth @R ×--
75%Hauck, Roger @R ×--
75%Hernandez, Shane @R ×--
75%Hoitenga, Michele @R ×--
75%Hornberger, Pamela @R ×--
75%Howell, Gary @R ×--
75%Howrylak, Martin @R ×--
75%Hughes, Holly @R ×--
75%Iden, Brandt @R ×--
75%Kahle, Bronna @R ×--
75%Kelly, Tim @R ×--
75%Kesto, Klint @R ×--
75%LaFave, Beau @R ×--
75%LaSata, Kim @R ×--
75%Lauwers, Dan @R ×--
75%Leonard, Tom @R ×--
75%Leutheuser, Eric @R ×--
75%Lilly, Jim @R ×--
75%Lower, James @R ×--
75%Lucido, Peter @R ×--
75%Marino, Steve @R ×--
75%McCready, Michael @R ×--
75%Miller, Aaron @R ×--
75%Noble, Jeff @R ×--
75%Reilly, John @R ×--
75%Rendon, Daire @R ×--
75%Roberts, Brett @R ×--
75%Tedder, Jim @R ×--
75%Theis, Lana @R ×--
75%Vaupel, Hank @R ×--
75%VerHeulen, Rob @R ×--
75%Victory, Roger @R ×--
75%Webber, Michael @R ×--
75%Wentworth, Jason @R ×--
75%Whiteford, Mary @R ×--
75%Yaroch, Jeff @R ×--
50%Afendoulis, Chris @R ××--
50%Brinks, Winnie @D ××--
50%Calley, Julie @R ××--
50%Camilleri, Darrin @D ××--
50%Chirkun, John @D ××--
50%Clemente, Cara @D ××--
50%Crawford, Kathy @R ××--
50%Ellison, Jim @D ××--
50%Gay-Dagnogo, Sherry @D ××--
50%Greimel, Tim @D ××--
50%Hammoud, Abdullah @D ××--
50%Hertel, Kevin @D ××--
50%Inman, Larry @R ××--
50%Kivela, John @D ××--
50%Kosowski, Robert @D ××--
50%Lasinski, Donna @D ××--
50%Maturen, David @R ××--
50%Pagel, David @R ××--
50%Schor, Andy @D ××--
50%Sheppard, Jason @R ××--
50%Sneller, Tim @D ××--
50%VanSingel, Scott @R ××--
50%Zemke, Adam @D ××--
33%Scott, Bettie Cook @D X××--
25%Byrd, Wendell @D ×××--
25%Chang, Stephanie @D ×××--
25%Cochran, Tom @D ×××--
25%Durhal, Fred, III @D ×××--
25%Elder, Brian @D ×××--
25%Faris, Pam @D ×××--
25%Geiss, Erika @D ×××--
25%Green, Patrick @D ×××--
25%Greig, Christine @D ×××--
25%Guerra, Vanessa @D ×××--
25%Hoadley, Jon @D ×××--
25%Jones, Jewell @D ×××--
25%LaGrand, David @D ×××--
25%Liberati, Frank @D ×××--
25%Love, Leslie @D ×××--
25%Moss, Jeremy @D ×××--
25%Neeley, Sheldon @D ×××--
25%Pagan, Kristy @D ×××--
25%Peterson, Ronnie @D ×××--
25%Phelps, Phil @D ×××--
25%Rabhi, Yousef @D ×××--
25%Robinson, Rose Mary @D ×××--
25%Sabo, Terry @D ×××--
25%Santana, Sylvia @D ×××--
25%Singh, Sam @D ×××--
25%Sowerby, William @D ×××--
25%Wittenberg, Robert @D ×××--
25%Yanez, Henry @D ×××--

Marks:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  ? Ideal Vote not set,  - No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

Senate Bill 111: Corporate Welfare Transfers
To authorize a new way of giving ongoing cash subsidies to particular developers and business owners selected by state and local political appointees. This would use the device of allowing a firm's owners to just keep the state income tax payments they withhold from employee pay checks.
      (Senate Roll Call 35)

House Bill 4001: Income Tax Reduction
Reduce the Income Tax rate from 4.25 to 3.9 over the next four years
      (House Roll Call 5)

View Bill: Transfer state revenue to developers
A Creative new way to payback developers for their political patronage. Part of a package of bills SB 111 through SB 115

House Bill 4149: Expand open records law to legislature
One of several bills designed to make the legislature more transparent.
      (House Roll Call 35)

House Bill 4329: Supplemental budget - Flint water, Macomb Sinkhole
To appropriate $100 million federal $$ for water treatment plant improvements, service line and water meter replacement, distribution system upgrades, corrosion control, and other infrastructure needs. This will require the state to come up with $20 million in matching funds. The bill also appropriates state tax revenues for a $1 million state Capitol upgrade, and authorizes a $5 million loan to local governments for repairs related to a Macomb County sinkhole (in the House version this was a $3 million grant).
      (House Roll Call 62)      (Senate Roll Call 99)

House Bill 4315: Eliminate foreign language graduation standard
To allow a student to get a high school diploma without meeting the current two-credit language requirement by instead taking a computer class or one in “visual or performing arts (with all these in a new category dubbed “21st century skills” by the bill's sponsors).
      (House Roll Call 65)


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.