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2017-18 Freedom Index

Created by FreedomFighter

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.


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64%Shirkey, Mike @R ××F×----
55%Booher, Darwin @R ××F××----
55%Casperson, Tom @R ××F××----
55%Green, Michael @R ××F××----
55%Hansen, Goeff @R ××F××----
55%Hildenbrand, Dave @R ××F××----
55%Jones, Rick @R ××F××----
55%Knollenberg, Marty @R ××F××----
55%Kowall, Mike @R ××F××----
55%MacGregor, Peter @R ××F××----
55%Marleau, Jim @R ××F××----
55%Meekhof, Arlan @R ××F××----
55%Nofs, Mike @R ××F××----
55%O'Brien, Margaret @R ××F××----
55%Proos, John @R ××F××----
55%Robertson, David @R ××F××----
55%Schuitmaker, Tonya @R ××F××----
55%Stamas, Jim @R ××F××----
55%Zorn, Dale W. @R ××F××----
45%Hune, Joe @R ×××F××----
45%Schmidt, Wayne @R ×××F××----
36%Emmons, Judy @R ××××F××----
36%Horn, Kenneth @R ××××F××----
36%Pavlov, Phil @R ×××F×××----
33%Brandenburg, Jack @R ×××F×XX×----
20%Conyers, Ian @D ×××××FX××----
20%Gregory, Vincent @D X××××F×××----
18%Ananich, Jim @D ×××××F×××----
18%Bieda, Steve @D ×××××F×××----
18%Hertel, Curtis, Jr. @D ×××××F×××----
18%Hopgood, Hoon-Yung @D ×××××F×××----
18%Johnson, Bert @D ×××××F×××----
18%Knezek, David @D ×××××F×××----
18%Rocca, Tory @R ×××××F×××----
18%Warren, Rebekah @D ×××××F×××----
18%Young, Coleman, II @D ×××××F×××----
0%Hood, Morris, III @D X×X×××FXX××----
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73%Bellino, Joseph, Jr. @R ×××----
73%Brann, Tommy @R ×××----
73%Canfield, Edward @R ×××----
73%Cole, Triston @R ×××----
73%Frederick, Ben @R ×××----
73%Graves, Joseph @R ×××----
73%Griffin, Beth @R ×××----
73%Hauck, Roger @R ×××----
73%Hernandez, Shane @R ×××----
73%Iden, Brandt @R ×××----
73%Johnson, Steven @R ×××----
73%Kahle, Bronna @R ×××----
73%Kesto, Klint @R ×××----
73%LaFave, Beau @R ×××----
73%LaSata, Kim @R ×××----
73%Lower, James @R ×××----
73%Lucido, Peter @R ×××----
73%Marino, Steve @R ×××----
73%Noble, Jeff @R ×××----
73%Reilly, John @R ×××----
73%Rendon, Daire @R ×××----
73%Tedder, Jim @R ×××----
73%Theis, Lana @R ×××----
73%VanderWall, Curt @R ×××----
73%Vaupel, Hank @R ×××----
73%Victory, Roger @R ×××----
73%Webber, Michael @R ×××----
73%Wentworth, Jason @R ×××----
73%Whiteford, Mary @R ×××----
70%Leutheuser, Eric @R X×××----
64%Albert, Thomas @R ××××----
64%Alexander, Julie @R ××××----
64%Allor, Sue @R ××××----
64%Barrett, Tom @R ××××----
64%Calley, Julie @R ××××----
64%Chatfield, Lee @R ××××----
64%Cox, Laura @R ××××----
64%Farrington, Diana @R ××××----
64%Glenn, Gary @R ××××----
64%Hoitenga, Michele @R ××××----
64%Hornberger, Pamela @R ××××----
64%Howell, Gary @R ××××----
64%Hughes, Holly @R ××××----
64%Kelly, Tim @R ××××----
64%Lauwers, Dan @R ××××----
64%Leonard, Tom @R ××××----
64%Miller, Aaron @R ××××----
64%Runestad, Jim @R ××××----
64%Sheppard, Jason @R ××××----
64%VerHeulen, Rob @R ××××----
55%Afendoulis, Chris @R ×××××----
55%Bizon, John @R ×××××----
55%Crawford, Kathy @R ×××××----
55%Garcia, Daniela @R ×××××----
55%Howrylak, Martin @R ×××××----
55%Inman, Larry @R ×××××----
55%Lilly, Jim @R ×××××----
55%Roberts, Brett @R ×××××----
55%VanSingel, Scott @R ×××××----
45%McCready, Michael @R ××××××----
43%Maturen, David @R ××XXXX××----
36%Dianda, Scott @D ×××××××----
36%Geiss, Erika @D ×××××××----
36%Guerra, Vanessa @D ×××××××----
36%Robinson, Rose Mary @D ×××××××----
33%Kivela, John @D -×-------×----
30%Hertel, Kevin @D ××××××X×----
27%Brinks, Winnie @D ××××××××----
27%Cochran, Tom @D ××××××××----
27%Ellison, Jim @D ××××××××----
27%Greimel, Tim @D ××××××××----
27%Lasinski, Donna @D ××××××××----
27%Love, Leslie @D ××××××××----
27%Moss, Jeremy @D ××××××××----
27%Pagel, David @R ××××××××----
27%Phelps, Phil @D ××××××××----
27%Rabhi, Yousef @D ××××××××----
27%Sabo, Terry @D ××××××××----
27%Schor, Andy @D ××××××××----
27%Sowerby, William @D ××××××××----
27%Zemke, Adam @D ××××××××----
22%Garrett, LaTanya @D ×X××××××X----
22%Scott, Bettie Cook @D X××××××X×----
20%LaGrand, David @D ×X×××××××----
18%Byrd, Wendell @D ×××××××××----
18%Camilleri, Darrin @D ×××××××××----
18%Chang, Stephanie @D ×××××××××----
18%Chirkun, John @D ×××××××××----
18%Clemente, Cara @D ×××××××××----
18%Durhal, Fred, III @D ×××××××××----
18%Elder, Brian @D ×××××××××----
18%Faris, Pam @D ×××××××××----
18%Gay-Dagnogo, Sherry @D ×××××××××----
18%Green, Patrick @D ×××××××××----
18%Greig, Christine @D ×××××××××----
18%Hammoud, Abdullah @D ×××××××××----
18%Hoadley, Jon @D ×××××××××----
18%Kosowski, Robert @D ×××××××××----
18%Liberati, Frank @D ×××××××××----
18%Pagan, Kristy @D ×××××××××----
18%Peterson, Ronnie @D ×××××××××----
18%Santana, Sylvia @D ×××××××××----
18%Singh, Sam @D ×××××××××----
18%Sneller, Tim @D ×××××××××----
18%Wittenberg, Robert @D ×××××××××----
18%Yanez, Henry @D ×××××××××----
11%Jones, Jewell @D X×××××××X×----
9%Neeley, Sheldon @D ××××××××××----

Marks:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  ? Ideal Vote not set,  - No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

Senate Bill 244: Reveal some subsidy recipients
Revise taxpayer confidentiality law to disclose who gets subsidies Senate Bills 242 and 243 would authorize.
      (House Roll Call 262)      (Senate Roll Call 98)

House Bill 4001: Cut income tax 0.2 percent
Cut the state income tax rate from the current 4.25 percent to 4.05 percent over two years.
      (House Roll Call 5)

House Bill 4557: Beer & wine protectionism
Prison for bringing 26 cases of wine or beer into the state.
      (House Roll Call 147)      (Senate Roll Call 304)

Senate Bill 94: Indirect subsidy for new car dealers & buyers
Accelerate adoption of sales tax exemption trade-in value when buying a new vehicle.
      (House Roll Call 248)      (Senate Roll Call 87)

House Bill 4608: Repeal painters license mandate
Exempt painters and decorators from the licensure mandate imposed on residential maintenance and alteration contractors.
      (House Roll Call 229)

Senate Bill 249: Ban government charter school discrimination
Prohibit a school district or local government from refusing to sell property to a charter or private school,
      (House Roll Call 230)      (Senate Roll Call 202)

View Bill: Reform school pensions
Replace underfunded school pension system for new teachers with one that limits underfunding.

Senate Bill 401: Impose pension costs on charter schools
Require charter schools pay into underfunded school pensions, even though their employees get no pensions.
      (Senate Roll Call 259)

House Bill 4184: Restrict local government “phone-in” voting
Retrict members of an elected public body casting a vote without being physically present.
      (House Roll Call 165)

House Bill 4205: Limit state department rulemaking
Restrict departments imposing rules more stringent than federal
      (House Roll Call 121)

House Bill 4215: Repeal car running in driveway ban
To repeal a ban on leaving an unattended vehicle running other than on a public street or highway.
      (House Roll Call 84)

House Bill 4080: Energy debt scheme for schools
Let schools incur debt for energy efficiency projects.
      (House Roll Call 33)      (Senate Roll Call)

Senate Bill 97: Permit public/private facility deals
Let agencies do hospital or transportation facility deals with developers who get tax exemptions and more.
      (Senate Roll Call 40)

Senate Bill 40: More subsidies for particular companies
Give subsidies to some businesses near state border.
      (Senate Roll Call 23)

Senate Bill 242: Transfer state revenue to certain business owners
to authorize giving up to $200 million of state revenue to certain business owners, in particular a Chinese company involved in iPhone manufacture. Owners of selected firms would get cash subsidies for up to 10 years equal to half or all of the income tax paid by their employees
      (Senate Roll Call 96)


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.